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Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Mr. Winter's early arrival has encouraged many of us here in Moncton to get a head start on Christmas; and I was no exception.  While the snow flakes gracefully danced around the street lights, Louie, my adorable beagle and I did a bit of dancing of our own as we decorated our four Christmas trees to the sound of Bing Crosby.  As I rocked to the jingle bells, my phone began to ring with my inbox full of requests for personal shopping sessions and style makeovers.

As our first snowfall inspired some to get some early shopping done, for Karine, it was the perfect weekend for a makeover just in time for an up coming staff party.  Having struggled year after year in search of a stylish look like her fashionable co-workers, she finally decided that this was the year to join the party as her best-dressed self yet with a little help from The Style Coach.

With the holidays coming up, a budget was in order. And for time also of an essence, we made our way to my favorite one stop shop thrift store for some quick and easy shopping from it’s wide selection.  Yet being a t-shirt and pant lover, Karine was utterly open to my suggestion of a dress for her new look to which would be a shocker just on it's own.

Shy and reserved, she tried different styles, shapes, prints and colors while I taught her which were most flattering for her curvy figure and complexion.  As our session progressed, so did her body language.  Her posture straightened and her eyes began to twinkle.  The moment she walked out in this fuchsia, knee length, V-neck fitted dress, and I knew it was a winner. Standing tall, starring at every inch of her body in the large public mirror; it was the first time within the hour to come in full sight.  She knew it was a winner when I started jumping up and down and clapped with excitement.   I got goose bumps that have yet left me!  It featured her spectacular legs, accentuated her curves, underlined her assets and complimented her ivory skin and dark brown eyes.  A pair of black and white strap heels was the ideal match to nail this 2014 fall/winter fashion trend ensemble. She felt beautiful, and that she was.

Karine's style transformation was a total success!  A curly bob, smoky eye, pale lip by Yonique and a hint of golden accessories wrapped it up with elegance. Style doesn’t have to start 10 pounds from now. It starts now!  Give yourself the gift of learning how to wear it just in time for the holidays.

Gain confidence and feel beautiful no matter what shape or size you are.

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

George dress and belt $9.99 and George shoes $7.99:  Value Village Moncton:

Thanks to Isabelle Doucet for hair and makeup:

Accessories compliment of The Style Coach

Photos:  The Style Coach


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