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After such a long and hard winter, the warmer weather has encouraged many for a fresh new start; which has made this summer my busiest season yet with shopping excursions. Both men and women have come to me with the hopes of a new spring/summer wardrobe and a new look to kick-start and celebrate this very short season. All came from different backgrounds, professions, sizes and shapes; but all had one goal in common, to look and feel confidant and stylish.

With only a few hours together, my challenge is to find clothes that fit each and every one of their personalities and suit their individual budgets. It requires for me to understand their vision, be time efficient and deliver. I must find multiple items that they can mix match throughout the season, and also be stylish and trendy enough to wear for years to come. Getting to know my clients, their lifestyle and style needs, helps me make every shopping excursion a success and my clients satisfied, just like Sylvie. Her new wardrobe was such a hit with her friends and family, I just had to blog about it.

Sylvie’s style is simple and conservative, but needed a little Style Coach magic. She often wore dark neutral colors and always wore her hair back. The first step was to introduce the option of color without making her feel uncomfortable and the centre of attention. Soft grey is a better choice than charcoal for the summer season. These linen cropped pants and this sleeveless chiffon top are casual and cool for the office during the hot season. A floral print of pastel colors, a single necklace and small hoop earrings, paired with a two-tone shoe, keeps this look soft and professional.

I always encourage my clients to embrace what makes them unique and use it as their signature style. For Sylvie, it’s her gorgeous luscious locks. Some women would kill for those curls and that volume. I’m most definitely a fan! A short bob with layers and highlights give her look a touch of sass and a whole lot of sexy, checking everything off this client’s list.

Stay tune for more on Sylvie’s new wardrobe.

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

Top: Winners/ Pants and necklace: Banana Republic/ Shoes: Kadam


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