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As a stylist, the focal point of my job is to work on getting to know my clients. Finding out your pant size and your favourite color is evident. Getting to the core of how you see yourself is where it all begins. It’s important to know the feelings that lay deep within, to help me understand the real reason behind your style choices, so that I can begin to teach you how to attract your goals through your style.

After many personal questions and photo evaluations, by the time I’m in your closet, I already feel like you’re an old friend. But you may not feel the same when I’m in your dressing room helping you with that zipper. Some of you are instantly opened like a book and others are just naturally shy and a little reserved; initially. Who wouldn’t be, with someone you only met through a website, a few Facebook posts and a quick coffee date. This inspired me to create a space on the blog and add an extra category where my fans could come and get to know me a little better and get to know my many faces; and how better to get to know someone than through their guilty pleasures and dirty little secrets. Boy, do I have plenty! And one of them is… I still borrow my mother’s clothes. Ok, maybe some would say, "that’s a steal", but I assure you she always offers and my intention is always to bring it back. Next thing you know, a year or two goes by, and she’s complimenting me on "my" little black dress.  How many of you borrow from your friends' and family's closet; or may be even your partner's?  I'd love to hear your wardrobe secrets!

Looking forward to sharing with you the things I love, that make my days, a little sweeter!

Your Style Coach ~ Renée xo

Photo credit:  MY Beauty Photography


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