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Animal prints aren’t only fun, but classic, when done right. They can be bold, sophisticated and sweet. It’s all about how and where you wear it that makes it a hit or miss. My nature has always been daring, so this dress won’t be a surprise to those who know me well. And for those who know my mother best, have learned a thing or two on how to make leopard print timeless. Here are a few tricks on doing animal print right.

Less is more! The key to nailing the perfect outfit is knowing when to stop. As much as I’m a fan of layers and accessories, a full pattern dress is best worn on it’s own. Add your own personal style to it with a statement piece, like a color shoe, a trendy bag or interesting stockings. I decided to keep this look simple with a monochromatic necklace, classic with my everywhere peep toe pumps, and edgy by styling my hair sleek with fresh cut bangs. Of course, finding the best cut for your body type, will not only flatter your figure, but also help make your outfit a 10. And the best part is, a wrap around can be worn on all shapes and is one of the top ten wardrobe essentials to have in your closet. Now that’s a lot of 10s!

If seeing spots make you dizzy, but you still love this popular trend, keep things subtle with a touch of print in your sunglasses, belt or scarf. It’s a great way to introduce prints to a neutral wardrobe without having your outfit roar. Keep it neat and keep it chic!

How do you like to wear your favourite print? I want to hear from you!

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

Photo credit: Yorke Photography


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