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As I sit at my desk this morning, I find my client book opened and ready to tell me what is on my schedule for today. It’s December 31st and apparently I’m off! I remember last year, squeezing in last minute clients who wanted styling for New Year’s Eve, and working until 8pm. I grab my warm teacup and take a deep breath of relief, thankful that I’ll be rested to ring in this New Year with my friends tonight. Sinking down into my chair, I scroll back through the pages of 2015 to find them full of ink with barely any white space in sight. Every month was filled with clients to see, photo shoots to create and events to attend. Reading every single name, I reminisce on the style adventures, the transformations and the success story that followed every one.

2015 has been a full year; a year filled of love, hope, courage, inspiration and accomplishments. Whether as one of my Facebook followers, blog readers or fantastic clients, you show up with the motivation to be better and learn something new. Right before my eyes, I’ve seen lives transformed from just the smallest wardrobe change. That moment when I see you look in the mirror and find beauty staring back is priceless. The beat in your step when you go back to work on Monday morning after your makeover is elevating. The change is in the confidence of knowing you are beautiful and sometimes, it does start from the outside in.

Thank you for letting me in your closets and helping you break-up with your favourite maternity pants from two years ago. Thank you for being brave to my suggestion of trying on ‘a different size’. Thank you for being open to the possibility of any other color than black; and thank you for not kicking me out when teaching you how to wear prints with prints. Closing my aqua color 2015 agenda, I feel a great sense of fulfillment and happiness for the privilege to serve you through my style sense; thank you for trusting me as your Style Coach.

Happy New Year to all my Style Coach friends and remember to do it in style! Even if it's staying in, in your pyjamas.

Until we style again in 2016 ~ Renée xox

Thanks to MY Beauty Photography for the beautiful images!

All of Lynda's clothes from her 'after' photos are from Value Village.

Thanks to our amazing beauty team:  MUA Bastarache Beauty and Amy Barter Hairstylist


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