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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

For many of us, the New Year is all about resolutions. It’s often the time of year when people are most motivated to start body cleanses, plan healthier diets and renew gym memberships. We are driven to set new goals for ourselves to better our lives in one way or another; some of which we will succeed and others, not so much. But how many of us actually stay committed to our New Year promises?

In January of 2014, Louise called me from her home in Edmundston, NB. She explained that she had been working with a life coach from Moncton for the last three years to help heal her spiritual, mental and emotional body; another popular resolution on many’s list. She said that Phase 1 of her healing journey was well on its’ way and that she had been given the green light to now begin Phase 2, a total style makeover.

“As a child, having been brought up with two older brothers, I always tried my hardest to fit in with the boys. During that time, I’ve lost my femininity and part of myself. I’ve only worn a dress once, at my high school graduation since I am most comfortable wearing jeans and baggy shirts buttoned up to my neck. My everyday look is masculine and I need help to find a more flattering look for my age and petite body.” As I questioned her style preference, I knew it would take some convincing on my part to help Louise get out of her old pattern so we scheduled her appointments through a three-day period so she could ease into the change for a successful transformation.

Keeping travel, lodging and service expenses in consideration, I wanted to help limit Louise’s shopping costs to a minimum; so we made our way to a consignment store in search for a whole new winter wardrobe. It was our lucky day! We found many brand name items, all in her size and within her color palette, but definitely not in her style comfort zone. Tending to want to stay in her baggy style, she cringed looking in the mirror in clothes exposing her neck and hugging her body. We added a necklace to help camouflage her neck, which made her feel more comfortable. After teaching style dos and don’ts, and an hour of venting her size 1 body, she blushed from the compliments and I began to see her body language change. When I asked if she felt pretty in the outfits, she said:” I wouldn’t go as far as saying pretty, but it definitely is better than before.” This is where transformations truly happen; when the client says one thing, but their eyes say another. Louise was glowing and her eyes twinkled as she looked at every inch of her body in the mirror. “I had no idea this is what I looked like underneath my clothes. I look like a woman and for the first time I feel like one.”

Resistance is almost always present when there is change but thankfully, Louise trusted me 100%. It’s all about finding a happy medium while staying true to yourself. It was my pleasure to work with her and stick to stripes and solid colours as opposed to flower prints and polka dots. We gave her a fresh new do with a stylish pixie cut and softer highlights and a light daytime makeup for this first timer from our friends at Sears Cosmetics.

It has been a year since Louise’s makeover with The Style Coach and I am happy to report that she has embraced and maintained her new style as if it always was. She now makes better style choices when out on shopping trips and even wore a dress for a family wedding last fall. Congratulations Louise for being one of our best success stories by keeping it up!

Photos courtesy of  the wonderful Chera Yorke from Yorke Photograph


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