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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

On a cool summer night, sitting in the bleachers watching a friendly game of softball is when I first laid eyes on Marise. It may come as a surprise to some of you but yes, I’ve played a game or two back in the day. But that evening we were both merely spectators; I mostly to the Dairy Queen Oreo cheesecake Blizzard in her hand. Being the giving person that she is, Marise kindly offered me a bite and the rest is history.

I was ecstatic to have her on board the blog as my plus size model. Being a hard core tomboy most of her life, she was the perfect candidate for a Style Coach makeover. I couldn’t wait to swap her everyday jean and sneaker look for a more feminine and professional feel. Our first pick, a one piece long-sleeve animal print jersey dress with a belted waist hugged her voluptuous body in all the right places. I couldn’t believe the beautiful curves that had been hiding under those baggy t-shirts for all those years and she didn’t shy to show them off. As I raved about her figure, she glanced at me, popped her hip with hand on waist and said:” Oh I know! I polish up real good and I have a great ba-dunk-a-donk!”

We shaped her eyebrows to soften her face and applied rust/brown eye shadow and false lashes to open up her dark chocolate eyes. A light coral lip, in all, compliment her printed dress for a pleasant daytime look. Loose curls bring volume to her thin hair and create balance to her curvaceous body. A classic charcoal pearl earring and gold modern bracelet works great with the exquisite details of this dress. Break up the chic with cute ankle booties for this effortless up-to-date look.

I LOVE this girl. She is a great example to women of all sizes as she teaches us to love our bodies, feel good in our skin and own what we’ve got! This lady’s plus is not in her size, but in her confidence which exudes beauty like a queen; and her new style is simply the cherry on top of the sundae; sweet and tasteful.

Stay tune for part II of Marise’s makeover with the promise of a whole lot of sparkle and sexy, just in time for the New Year!

Dress courtesy of Laura Plus- Champlain Mall, Moncton NB.

Dress:  Laura Plus

Earrings:  Merle Norman

Bracelet:  Dynamite

Ankle booties:  Penningtons

Photos:  The Style Coach


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