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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Over a year ago, I teamed up with the very talented duo Matt and Chera from Yorke Photography for a project featuring my work as a stylist for my then up coming website.  Little did we know that this project would be the inspiration of Chera and I's partnership with MY Beauty Photography where our common goal is to help woman see and appreciate their strength and beauty no matter what shape, size or story may be.

The first person that came to mind as a subject for my transformation page was Stéphanie.  I met her when working in the dental field. Her strong, confident character was as large and humble as the smile she greeted me with every morning, and her intelligence and honesty made it easy for her patients and co-workers to give their trust. She is also a dedicated mother who would fly to the moon and back for her precious daughter; but like all of us, deep down inside lays her fears, hurts and disappointments of life and insecurities of the self. We all have them; that’s what makes us human. What most have yet to realize is that the answer to our problems also lie within us. As cliché as this may sound, love truly is what can heal us all. How many of you can look in the mirror and tell yourself:” I am beautiful; I love you”. Sounds strange right? Try it and see how much you truly love yourself.

When I asked Stéphanie to model for this shoot, she was blown; stunned that I would even consider her as one of my models. “I’m not photogenic! I can’t possibly see why you would want to photograph me; I’m not a model.” But what she didn’t know is that she was and we were going to show her just that. The right makeup color and proper application technique by makeup artist Sarah-Jane from Bastarache Beauty showcases this girl’s best feature, her piercing blue eyes. Amy Barter Hairstylist created volume with curls that made me envy of this look for months. A few fashionable outfits from The Style Coach’s own wardrobe and voilà, Stéphanie was ready to step in front of the camera where she totally rocked her photo shoot.

The result of this experience was life changing and a confirmation of why I chose this career.  Seeing her work her confidence was so rewarding and transformational for all of us.   “I never knew I could look like this; I’m beautiful.” Yes Stéphanie, you are; she always was!  The only difference is now she knows it.

Until we style again~The Style Coach

Photo credit: Yorke Photography


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