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Today’s featured makeover is my dear friend Wendy. When I’m with her, all I can see is beauty. You can imagine how excited I was when she agreed to be part of the MY Beauty project last summer. Her energy is as infectious as her smile and she is the inspiration for today’s blog.

Beauty has so many different forms and meaning. It is joy, love, happiness and confidence; it is strength, courage, kindness and passion for ourselves, others and life. We all have it; but how many of us actually own it?

Beauty is accepting who we are as a whole; the good, the bad, what was, what is and what is yet to come. It’s being in the moment and knowing that you are beautiful forever and always; through all the journeys in your life.

To all you beauties out there, may you see your beauty in your natural and glamorous self and celebrate the amazing woman that you are. Although it may sound cliché, there is much truth in the old saying, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

Photos by Chera York:  MY Beauty Photography/ Yorke Photography

Hair:  Amy Barter

Clothes and Stylist:  The Style Coach 


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