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Where do I get my love for bold colors and leopard print? Why, my mother of course! No matter where she went, mom always put her best dressed-self forward, no matter what the occasion. Whether it was a day at work or a Saturday afternoon spent cooking in the kitchen, you can be sure that she was nothing but classy and stylish. The trendy outfits that flattered her curvy figure, her effortless beauty techniques that accentuated her flawless skin and vibrant red hair, always made her sparkle. Everyday, mom gave us love and attention. But most important of all, she gave it to herself, and that has been the best lesson yet!

At 64, she is still as stylish as ever. In addition to her print fetish, she’s found a new passion for butterflies in memory of her young brother. Whether it be in form of a ring or necklace, which in this case both, you can always be sure to find a butterfly worn close to her heart. For as long as I can remember, green has always been a part of mom’s favourite colors, as it should; for it compliments her so well. As much as I love to mix and match prints and tones, fashion magazines are bringing back the matchy look, which makes today’s look, a thumbs up.

It is easy to lose focus of our selves when work, kids and life happen. But you can still make better style choices, while staying true to your budget and your life style. I was taught that style can influence your mood and your opportunities. Thanks mom for being a great role model and for being an example to all women on how to stay true to yourself.

Until we style again ~The Style Coach


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