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Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Last Thursday while most of you were busy shovelling what was left over from the storm, I was busy finalizing my material for a presentation to the Scotiabank Women in Leadership. I was so excited to talk about ‘How to Dress for Success’. This has to be the most frequently asked question from my business clients and I couldn’t wait to share my tips and tricks on the topic. With such an enthusiastic group, the evening was obviously a success; and has inspired today’s Style Coach blog.

So many have different views on what is a proper ‘business casual’ outfit or how to dress for a business function. So what is and isn’t appropriate? The way you present yourself at work reflects your work ethics, which also compliments your company or employer. Is your costume sending the right message? Does it speak professionalism? Dressing for the office doesn’t have to be drab; but you also shouldn’t look like you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Polished blazers, hemmed trousers, ironed collar shirts and belted cardigans, to name a few, create a conventional dress code for business. But for me, my favorite go to piece has to be a dress! It’s quick, easy and chic. All you need to add is a great shoe, an accessory or two and voilà; outfit complete! But why do so many women struggle with the simplicity of a dress? Honestly, most don’t buy the right size; the right shape, the right color, print or even the right panty hose. Of course that can only bring dislike and frustration. Let me show you how to create a great look with ease for your next business affair.

Work with what you’ve got! I have naturally straight hair. In my case, having a simple hairstyle, I can afford to add texture to my style with prints. And with my curvy figure, a fitted V-neck, three quarter sleeve, knee length dress with a bit of ruching is the best choice for my age and body type.

With dark floral prints and bright colors on top of the list this season, all in all make this combo absolutely exquisite. This red and deep purple dress as a focal point paired with blue swede shoes is the best complement to my winter complexion. A large pearl necklace and gold bracelet turns this snazzy look slick and will leave everyone at your business event wanting your style. For a more conservative look, put on a white or black blazer to seal the deal.

Until we style again~ The Style Coach

Photos courtesy of York Photography

Dress:  Ralph Lauren

Shoes:  Nine West

Custom jewellery:  Aldo


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