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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

After witnessing snowfall after snowfall this month, I finally abandoned my hopes of an early spring and decided to surrender to the cold by taking my latest blog shoot outdoors. I may not be a fan of Mr. Winter, but I can certainly recognize its undeniable beauty. There’s just something magical about the way fresh snow twinkles in the bright morning sun.

Instead of resisting the cold these next few months, embrace the crisp cool air by staying warm in a beautiful coat from one of my favourite local consignment boutiques, Second Edition, here in Moncton. While their new window displays encourage dreams of spring; inside their doors, enjoy blowout discounts while shopping their winter sale, on now!

To all you beautiful blondes out there, take advantage of this season’s pastel trend to complement your soft complexion. A hint of icy pink as a tank top, layered with a light violet cardigan, features this makeups’ rosy, winter glow; and a crystal cluster pendant is just the right amount of sparkle to play up our frosty theme.

This adorable cream and taupe tweed coat is a great example of how to dress up your weekend look into instant chic for that Saturday stroll at the market; while its matching scarf will give you extra warmth when picking up the boys at the rink. Tall brown boots and charcoal leggings make a nice contrast to this outfits’ color palette. They work well together by slimming the body and creating balance to this coats’ trendy, boxy style.

To all the ladies who struggle to find an easy and comfy winter look; next time you’re tempted to grab those favourite jeans, change it up with these simple tricks to create a more polished and stylish you.

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

Thanks to Annie Grondin-Makeup Artist for this wonderful winter glow!

Photos by yours truly:  The Style Coach


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