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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

For most of us entrepreneurs, Christmas is the busiest season of the year. Mechanics are swamped with tire changes, event coordinators are planning multiple holiday parties and health care workers try to accommodate those who’s insurance plan runs out at the end of the month. (You’re welcome for the reminder!)

For me, I’ve been busy speaking at women’s annual Christmas business functions. Give me an opportunity to dress up, hang out with awesome ladies and talk about style and I’m twenty-five all over again. From sparkling wine, photo processed selfies, right down to sharing my entire wardrobe; it all just seems like yesterday, which brings inspiration to today’s blog.

As a wardrobe stylist, I must teach my clients by being a true example of my work; and that, I can honestly say I am. My friends often gush at my outfits and are so eager to hear where I got my latest finds, and it always brings me pure satisfaction to see their jaw drop when I tell them it’s been in my closet for the last fourteen years.

A black suit is a classic and will never go out of style. Although this jacket and bottom are not from the same company, they are however the same shade, fabric and texture making them a perfect fit. Speaking of perfect fit, remember the ‘dress for your body type’ rule. Just because a long boxy blazer is in these days doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. This fitted blazer drops just above the largest part of my thigh and cinches at the smallest part of my waist creating a flattering curve. Ankle hems and straight cut pants are great to feature a sleek shoe and give the illusion of a slimmer leg. Pair it with a gold metallic camisole to add shine to this conservative look. What perfect timing to rediscover these items as both are totally hot this season!

With this outfit, the revamping is all in the frosting. Investing in some new bling gives this classic look my fashionista signature. Balancing this two-piece with soft curls compliments the suit’s straight lines; and an old Hollywood makeup, brings a vintage feel to this sophisticated modern look. Who doesn’t love a red lip at Christmas? It completes this ‘new’ outfit with a simple kiss of holiday spirit…maybe even under the mistletoe.

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

Photos courtesy of Yorke Photography

New purchases:

Necklace:  Target -  Earrings:  Aldo - Nine West shoes:  The Bay

From my closet:

Camisole:  Suzy Shier - Style&co. pants:  The Bay - Blazer:  Ricki's


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