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Most mornings I wake up with breakfast on my mind. But this morning, I woke up with the craving for a bun and a twist; not the bread and orange kind, but in the hairdo department and vintage style.

When I create my look for the day, it always begins with my hair. If it’s too fussy, up it goes! And once it’s up, I’m left with just a handful of options to choose from for an outfit. Why? Because I believe hair and makeup should be used as an accessory, and when paired with the right combination, it can very well be a winning look; which is what we are all aiming for, isn’t it?

A high bun is just the right balance for the skirt of this belted A-line dress. A square button cardigan is a great match for the square neckline of the dress, giving just enough space to fill with a large necklace. Opposites attract and in this case, the touch of leopard print circles combined with coral coloured stripes create a modern contrast, which I absolutely love.

When I’m out shopping with my clients, I choose comfort over fashion. These flats will keep my feet happy while skipping from store to store; and a large handbag has enough room to hold my water bottle and snacks to help keep me hydrated and nourished through out the day.

But after work is time for play. I’m always style ready by keeping a pair of heels and a clutch in my car for cocktails on a terrace with my besties. Bringing along Audrey’s signature cat eye sunglasses will not only protect my eyes from the low evening sun, but sets the transition to my summer evening look.

So whether you’re dressing for Breakfast at Cora or Tiffany’s, plan ahead. Bring a few extras and you’ll be fabulous wherever you go!

Until we style again ~ The Style Coach

Photo credit: Yorke Photography

Thanks to Makeup Artist Charline Boudreau for sharing her talent!

Dress: Macy's/ Lucky Brand glasses: Mashalls

Necklace: Banana Republic/ Ralph Lauren earring: The Bay/ Bracelets: Bizou

Shoes and Clutch: Nine West/ Purse: Kadam

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