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Style speaks - What do you want to say?


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''What an honor of doing a style makeover with the most talented Renée. I must admit I was really nervous as change is always an adjustment and human nature will sometimes make us resist even good changes. Renée made me step out of my box by asking me to try on clothes that I wouldn't pick myself. She has the knack of making you dress for success. Give yourself this gift of having Renée style you; you will be so happy you did and get your groove back. It will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence; a gift every woman should have. Thank you again, Renée.'' 


''Renée was able to coordinate good choices of clothes for me and was able to find outfits that made sense. I received many compliments from my coworkers whenever I wore an outfit selected by Renée.  In my busy schedule, I seldom have time to go shopping.  In just a few hours, Renée and I went through the mall and found several pieces to complete my new Spring-Summer wardrobe, and all at great prices.  She was also able to use some of my existing garments; therefore, saving me money.  Renée is professional and has great taste.  Listen to her opinion because it matters!''


"My transformation was the most beautiful experience of my life!  It taught me to accept and to love myself.  I have found joy again and can walk with confidence.  Renée is very attentive and knew  how to put me  at ease very easily. She is  passionate and very professional as a Style Coach.  Renée, I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You have been a source of motivation and inspiration for me. It is thanks to you that my confidence and self-esteem have grown. Thank you!''


''Like many women, when I look at celebrities, I find them so beautiful, even though I'm a pretty simple girl ... In addition, I'm not naturally photogenic. Renée has seen a beauty in me that I never thought I had. I still can't believe that this beautiful girl in the beautiful pictures is no one other than myself! Thank you Renée for this superbly rewarding experience!"

"It is often said that the habit does not make the monk. But after my meeting with Renée, I'll add that it helps. Since putting her 
advice into practice, it has had a positive effect on my confidence in my personal and professional abilities. Thank you Renée. "



''What a privilege to have had the opportunity to hire Renée as a Style Coach to help me refresh my wardrobe at home. Before our meeting, I often wondered whether my style reflected my age. Once she did her analysis of my physical form and me sharing my tastes, interests and lifestyle, I had full confidence in her since she was reassuring, knowledgeable, professional and spiced with a sense of humor. I had fun while raising my self-esteem. When it was time to meet her at the mall for my new clothes, she exceeded my expectations in the quantity and variety of her choices in just one afternoon. If you are looking to give yourself a unique gift to discover your natural beauty and to radiate your personality, I highly recommend her services as a Style Coach."

I offer my services through a variety of packages for every lifestyle and budget.

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Personal stylist based in Halifax, NS, serving clients across the Maritimes. 
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