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Empower your authentic self through style
Become your most stylish, confident and best dressed self yet
with René
e Danielle Styling, formerly known as THE STYLE COACH.


It's how you wear it!
Become your most stylish, confident and best dressed self yet
with Renée Danielle Styling, formely known as THE STYLE COACH.

Sometimes a little help goes a long way!


Renee Danielle styling


Hello! I’m Renée, the owner and stylist behind Renée Danielle Styling and Maritime's #1 Style Coach for over 10 years. Now based in Halifax, NS, I continue to serve clients across the Maritimes. 

Inspired early on by my mother’s fabulous sense of style, I would always look forward to getting up in the morning and choosing something unique to wear, even as a small child. She taught me about how my personal image could change my mood, my opportunities and my life. My keen eye for shapes, colors and textures naturally led me to help friends and acquaintances dress themselves.  I feel privileged for the opportunity to have helped hundreds of clients  from all walks of life, feel beautiful, handsome and confident from the outside in- one closet at a time. 


I offer one-on-one styling services for all genders  through a variety of packages for every lifestyle and budget.


Get in touch with me today and see how you can take the first steps towards a new, more stylish you!


In love & style  xo

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Be the best version of yourself!

I offer my services through a variety of packages for every lifestyle and budget.

Get in touch to learn more and to book your Free Consultation Call!



''Give yourself this gift of having Renée style you. It will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence; a gift every woman should have.'' 


''Since putting Renée's advice into practice, it has had a positive effect on my confidence in my personal and professional abilities. Thank you, Renée!'' 


''Renée saw a beauty in me that I never thought I had. Thank you, Renée, for this rewarding experience!''


We all want to look and feel our best. Get in touch today to see how you can regain control of your closet and become your most stylish, confident and best dressed self yet.

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Halifax Personal Stylist - serving clients across the Maritimes
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